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STEN Engineering is a team of innovative engineers and designers who have combined their unique skills and technical background in order to provide a wide range of services in our community. Together with professional architects, managers and general contractors STEN is becoming a top-rated company in the construction industry within Southern California. STEN is proud to take every new project and make it last.

STEN earned a great reputation and it's respected name because of hard working and dedicated team members as well as it's amazing clients.

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Seismic/Soft Story Retrofitting
Civil Engineering
Architectural Design
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
Permit Expediting
Building Inspections
Title 24 Energy Calculations
Structural Engineering
How it works:
  • Get a free consultation. We can easily help you to schedule an appointment to understand your needs and expectations
  • Receive the drawings and either approve or make corrections
  • Obtain a permit from the city and start watching your dream to come true
    Seismic/Soft Story Retrofitting
    Soft-story homes may easily collapse in an earthquake. These buildings pose a safety risk to tenants and occupants and present a significant financial risk to owners. Do you want to take chances with your building? Probably not. STEN Engineering will help. Seismic retrofitting will significant reduce the damage during an earthquake.

    A lot of California cities mandate soft-story retrofits, and some provide incentives to property owners to do the soft-story retrofits. STEN engineers with a vast experience in seismic retrofit design and construction administration services, are ready to provide the safest and most cost-effective design for your building and assist contractors to have a fast and easy construction process.
        Civil Engineering
        We offer a wide range of services in California. Our licensed Civil Engineers have a tremendous experience in delivering engineering services for Residential Projects. STEN Engineering can help you with all the necessary engineering and paperwork to obtain required permits for land development before construction in short time.
        Architectural Design
        Share your greatest ideas with our experienced drafters and see your project carefully designed in CAD just for you.

        We are ready to deliver all types of Drafting Services for you:

        • Commercial Construction Documents
        • Commercial Existing Condition Drawings
        • Concept Design & Presentation Drawings
        • Paper to CAD Drafting Conversion
        • As-Built Drawings
        • Realtor Floor Plans
        • Commercial 3D Renderings of Interior & Exterior
        • 3D Modeling
        • Site Plan
        Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
        ADUs are a secondary dwelling unit with complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. You may add up to 1200 Sq.ft of additional space to your home.

        Today ADUs are known by different names: granny unit, granny flat, in-law unit, in-law cottage, mother-in-law apartment, sidekick home, laneway home, backyard guesthouse, backyard cottage or secondary dwelling unit. Those types of facilities could become an additional source of income for homeowners.

        The new ADU laws launched in January 2020 allow units to be added ADUs and JADUs to your existing multifamily building. All Cities in California must permit these types of units in multifamily buildings without applying any local development standards.

        *A Junior ADU (or JADU) is not required to have a dedicated bathroom.
        Permit Expediting
        From interior renovation to new multi-level mixed use building construction and everything in between. Let us take care of all your residential and commercial needs. family Providing permitting way to
        Building Inspections
        Are you concerned about cracks, sloping, settlement or any other structural issues in your building or you are planning on buying a house? STEN is ready to help by organizing on-site structural evaluation to meet your concerns. The engineers inspect various aspects of your building such as the foundation, framing, shear walls, load-bearing walls, and building envelope. Receive a report from our experienced engineers in short time!

        In addition to the evaluation, STEN Engineering can help you with other engineering plans and calculations to bring your building up to code to proceed with the permits and construction.
        Title 24 Energy Calculations
        Title 24 is a set of publications in California Energy Code that are requited for all new buildings in California. STEN Engineering will only select the most cost-effective trade-offs for your project.

        The regulations under Title 24 aim to reduce the environmental impact of construction through site slope preservation, drainage mitigation, and careful planning to mitigate any negative effects on neighboring areas. We can provide the full project management services to ensure compliance within Title 24
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